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Emerging trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sharang Deo May 22, 20184 Responses




Many of us would have seen “Ex-Machina” where Alicia Vikander who played the role of a Robot was fed with examples, molded and conditioned to think as a human and when the movie concludes, it is the robot that outsmarts humans who infused intelligence into a quasi-sentient being like a robot only to set itself free and explore the human world other than a simulated one reality. This technology where we empower machines to take their own decisions is based on the experience and data gathered from past experiences is with Artificial Intelligence. Every day we witness the rise of AI and how quickly AI is approaching human behavior. Around 1950, AI was popular only in the research arena.It was then that we got its crude idea through movies and nowadays even the small devices such as phones, that we hold in our hand, has AI integrated into it

‘Siri !!!.... What are the finest restaurants around?’ is nothing but a case in point of artificial intelligence at your disposal.

 Moving forward into newer technology landscapes, new things are being unveiled and being enabled by AI. In the past, we would leaf through the public transport timetable and to plan our journey and then try to get the best offer. But now, the travel industry has totally transformed. Data generated by users on booking sites while looking for packages is being analyzed and customized services and offers are displayed as once the user logs in. AI-powered chatbots are slowly gaining ground in marketing communications and customer service. AI eliminates the process of answering repeated or generic questions based on data gathered and this method saves time and based on keywords used in queries, provides aggrieved appropriate and customized answers which enhances customer satisfaction levels. Even HR managers and executives in large as well as smaller organizations are wary of being replaced by chatbots and in the near future. The AI scenario may come to a point where you find yourself in front of chatbots for a job interview. Although  AI isn’t very skillful in comprehending emotions, which is a drawback, efforts are being made to cover this gap and soon AI will transcend to a level where it would get enigmatic to separate out a mentor from mentee.




  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    This is definitely a topic which is heavily in discussions right now. AI is self training now example being AI systems learning games like chess and Go on their own and doing better than humans within a short duration and coming up with moves not imagined by humans. AI systems are developing encryption to converse with each other. Human emotions are a tall order for now and what you call as chat bots are more like question and order systems without much intelligence or memory to respond based on past interaction or in case question is not in a specific expected format. What you see on Bank sites are not really conversation bots because the moment you ask information in natural language they can not respond. 

  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    Hello, this comment is something I am going to delete, do add tags in your posts (these are akin to keywords and to separate more than one tag use space not commas. No need to put # in front of tags as then it becomes part of tag itself.)

  • akshay233156445001511854509
    Akshay Arora

    Your ability to write articles is good. 

    I could sense coherent thought flow in the article with just a few mistakes on the grammar's end.

    While there were some areas where you wrote, "has" instead of "have" and so on, the general idea and the overall structure of the article is good.

    You can even try experimenting with smaller paragraphs as well!


  • Sharang-Deo
    Sharang Deo

    Thanks Akshay for helpful Insights.