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Disappearing Bird Populations in Urban Areas

Sharang Deo May 22, 20182 Responses


Our grandfather used to tell us that during his salad days,they would get up without an alarm in the mornings. It was neither magical nor was it any involuntary mental conditioning that had been programmed into his brain. It was simply a wave of noise, owing to the tweeting and twittering of commuting birds on their way to forage for the day that was doing the trick and helping my grandfather to wake up. But today, we don’t have any anecdote to chronicle to the pre-teen generation, mainly because we, who are the dwellers of exotic and apartment rich cities, have left no space for birds to sojourn on trees and to grace us with memories that we can reminisce over a cup of tea with youngsters.

Bird populations have been vanishing, but in recent times, the population decline has  crossed a critical threshold from which we can discern that, yes, the bird populations are definitely fading. Cawing has declined, chirping is lost, no more ‘Bulbuls’ to please our eyes and sparrows hopping from one tree to another have disappeared. To cut a long story short, mother nature has been compelled to change. Ignorance is, not letting people gain cognizance of an extremely grim scenario, and this situation is daunting. A part of our precious ecosystem is almost as good as evanesced, just because we humans have snatched the chance from birds to live a healthy life  in a fast changing environment that is the result of our fanatical race for survival of the fittest. Man thrived but left those who support his surrounding deprived. We must understand the importance of birds and the manner in which they contribute to our environment, and help conserve and boost native bird populations and let go the chances of bedeviling them with our pollution and toxic lifestyles.


  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    I like the way you write. The topic is apt considering how sparrows for example have completely vanished from likes of Delhi.

    On a side note try to write longer though so you have more room to express and can bring more angles to the content.

  • Sharang-Deo
    Sharang Deo

    I had sentence limit, that's why it is short.Shall try to write longer next time.