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Introducing WatStory Mentorship Program

WatStory Oct 30, 2017


Are you fond of writing? 

Do you want to inspire the future of Indian writing as a mentor and grow your network?

Do you wish to learn from professional writers and build your writing portfolio ?


Grab the opportunity to become a mentor/mentee in WatStory Mentorship Program and be a part of the continuously evolving network of writers on WatStory. 


The Program Details

  • Mentorships will be for a 3 Month duration to help budding writers, bloggers, journalists and poets enhance their writing skills by getting reviews and feedback from experienced professionals in the field
  • Mentees are expected to write once a week for a total of 12 times during the course of 3 months at a minimum to complete the program
  • Mentees will create content on the WatStory platform during the course of this program under their own accounts and as per the mentees' own interest areas in writing. Mentees own the copyright of their content
  • Mentors will provide feedback to mentees by commenting on the content mentees publish on WatStory 
  • On completion of the program, get a Completion Certificate and recognition on WatStory official pages and social media handles
  • The program carries no monetary component or stipend for mentors or mentees in the current version of the program


Application links


Apply here to become a Mentor


Apply here to become a Mentee


For any questions or feedback, write to us at info@watstory.com