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Help Center - Frequently Asked Questions

WatStory Aug 23, 2016




How do I create an account?

You can use your email id to register. We will send a verification email to the email address you specify before your account gets created.

You can also create an account using any of your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. If you are not signed in on the social network account you are using to register on WatStory, you will be prompted to sign in followed by a screen where you will be asked to permit WatStory to access some of your basic profile information from the social network. If you are already signed in the applicable social network the sign up screen gets skipped and you just get the screen wherein you permit WatStory to access your profile information.



Why do you need this information from my social network account?

We only need and ask for your basic profile information, email id and list of your Facebook friends already on WatStory from Facebook. This is the most basic set of information Facebook provides to all apps and websites which offer Facebook login.

When you sign up with Twitter we seek the middle level (read & write) of access, just like most apps, out of the three levels offered by Twitter. This level of permission allows you to Tweet stories you enjoy without leaving WatStory. You can read details about Twitter's authentication permissions on Twitter’s developer site.



Why am I not able to log in to my account?

Make sure you are signed in to the social network you used to create your WatStory account; else you will be prompted for a sign in window.

In case you used an email id to create a WatStory account, you will not be able to login until you verify your email address.



How do I edit my profile?

Click on your profile picture on the upper right corner on the top bar of the website. Select Profile from the drop down menu. On the profile screen you should click on the Edit option to change your "Profile Picture" or "About Me".







Can anyone write on WatStory?

Anyone with a WatStory account can write. Plus we do not have any submission or review process, just make sure you follow our terms and content and community rules.



Can I write in other languages?

Yes, you can write in Hindi and Bengali apart from English. Just select the language you want by clicking on "Change Language" button in the top bar. Changing the language will result in all of WatStory getting shown in the language you choose.



How do I add a cover image for my story?

Just click on the photo icon on the top left of story writing screen. Select the picture you want to upload and specify the part of the picture you want to show on your story using the cropping tool.



What other media can I load?

We only support adding images in stories right now; we plan to include functionality for adding videos and other media in stories on a future date.



How do I add tags to my story?

Right below the place you enter your story title, you can enter tags that describe your story and will help people find it. Just type the tag and press space to separate any two tags. Adding commas between tags will make the comma part of the tag, use only spaces to separate tags.



What is the difference between a draft and published story?

Well, a published story can be seen by everyone who visits WatStory, whereas a draft can only be seen by you. You can save, edit, delete or publish the draft as you like. 



How do I save my story?  

You can save your stories as drafts by clicking on the "Save As Draft" button shown in the top bar while writing a story. The stories are also auto saved as drafts every 3 minutes. If you do not save the story before exiting WatStory, you can go back to the last saved draft if available. We even include a placeholder title for you, in case the draft was auto saved without a title. You can change this placeholder title as you like. 



Where can I find my published and draft stories? 

You can find all your published and draft stories on your "My Stories & Drafts" page. You can get to this page by clicking on your profile picture shown in the top bar of the website and selecting "My Stories & Drafts" from the drop down menu. On the "My Stories & Drafts" page you have options to edit or delete your published stories. You can also navigate to the drafts tab and edit, delete or publish your draft stories.  



What are Publications on WatStory?

Publications are collection of content which is tied together by a common theme or concept. Multiple people can provide stories to a Publication acting as Publication Contributors. The concept is analogous to magazines in the physical world with a Publication Owner and Publication Contributors. To find out more about publications, how to add or remove your story from a publication read Help Center - Publications on WatStory



Can I write anything other than a story?

Sure, you can. We already have people writing poetry and non-fiction apart from stories on WatStory. If you would like to write a book or create a collection of short stories or articles, just click on the "Add Chapter" button in the top bar and you will have another chapter appended to your story. We have no restrictions on the content form, its your choice. In fact, we would love to see what all you create using the platform. 



Why does not WatStory work on my browser?

Currently WatStory supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers for desktop. We do not support Chrome, Opera or other such mobile app browsers for smartphones or tablets; we will look to add the support for them in the future. 







Do I need to register to read?

No, for reading or sharing stories and publications from WatStory on social networks no registration is needed, but registering means you will be able to like the stories, comment on stories letting the writer know what you think and also follow the writer or publication to be informed when more stories are created by them. Plus, you can write your own stories only if you have a WatStory account.



How do I find stories to read?

You can see a list of our Featured, Popular and Latest stories right on our home page. You can also use the Search functionality from the top bar of the screen to find something you like or just click on the Tags on the right side of the screen to find something which interests you.







How do I get my story featured?

Featured stories are chosen by the WatStory team based on the individual merit of the story and its interest to the WatStory community.



How do I get more people to read my stories?

Add descriptive tags to your story. Share your stories on all your social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Submit your stories on appropriate communities on Digg, Reddit etc.







Why can't I upload my image?

Make sure the image is in a supported format. PNG, JPEG and BMP are supported file formats. Image should not be larger than 5MB in size for successful upload.



Where can I find good images for my story?

Finding good cover art for your story can be hard. We have written a story "Finding good cover art for your story" listing a few websites which offer good images with clearly defined copyrights. You can use any image you like provided you have the copyright or permission to do so. Just keep in mind our content rules.







Where do I change my settings?

You can navigate to your Settings page by clicking on the settings option in the drop down menu under your profile picture shown in the top bar.

We have segregated the settings into account and notification settings. Account Settings allow you to view and to change your Display Name (name by which you are identified across the site), your Password and your registered email address. Your Notification Settings enable you to control if you receive notifications on the site and email when actions happen on your content, when people follow you or when the people you follow publish new content.



What are requirements for account password?

The only requirement is for you to choose a password which is at least 6 characters long. It can be any combination of letters, number or special characters. 



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