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Priyadarshini Ghosh Mar 30, 20174 Responses

Onto the slumber night He peered into the barren sky,

Narked, heaving, torrid

Muffled, naked, vexed;

As His mind sifts back into the memories

tormenting and freshly agonizing,

Remembering the softness of Her coarse whispers which echoed in His now numb ears,

Her allaying breathes and warm, bright attire

reverential to His eyes,

The fullness of Her touch on His bare skin

in their modest realm;

The first day His eyes landed on Hers

when She was but a child like Him,

Nurturing and protecting Her,

The Valentine to His Cupid's heart;

Now ripped away from His grasp,

Taken, binded, raped, burnt for human wants,

The dregs of Her leaves and Her few flowers 

which once adorned Her head

now lay strewed on His aching, thorny chest. 

The Forest grieves for His ladylove the Trees. 


- Priyadarshini Ghosh

  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    I liked the imagery and the metaphors in this.

  • priyadarshini.g96709866001469649092
    Priyadarshini Ghosh


  • Celine-C-Antara
    Antara Kumar

    An excellent, excellent piece! A thought-provoking poem! 

  • Adv-Nabo-Nita
    Adv Nabo Nita

    That you sister for sharing such wonderful piece orlf writing. Left me spellbound.