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Finding good cover art for your story

WatStory Jan 8, 2016

Books are all so often judged by their covers. The Little Prince (cover art for this story, image credits:The Saint-Exupéry Estate), The Godfather with its cover art of a puppeteer pulling the “strings” and George Orwell’s 1984 with an all seeing eye on its cover easily come to mind as examples of great cover art.


Finding good cover images for stories, articles and books can be hard. Most images found through internet searches are either poor resolution or have unclear information about copyright.


We found the below resources to not only have good images but also clear information on the applicable copyright. Most images on these sites are free and in public domain to use as you wish. But, do always read the specific image information for clarity on copyright before including it in your content.

What other sources have you found which offer good images and art work? Please, share the same in the comments.