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Content Guidelines

Varun Chawla Aug 23, 2016

At WatStory, we are in love with stories. We want to create a community where both readers and writers feel comfortable, and are aware of what kind of content they are about to read and what they can post. Please be aware of the below guidelines, before posting content on WatStory:


  • Publish only your own original work or get the author’s permission before posting any copyrighted material. For details see Copyrighted Material
  • Post only appropriate content, images and media. For details see Prohibited Content
  • Tag stories suitably so that readers know what they are about to read and can search for your story. For details see Content Tags

Copyrighted Material

We understand creating content and stories takes immense dedication. Protecting the rights of the content owners is a major priority for us. Please do not post any copyrighted material (content, images and other media) on the platform, without explicit legal consent from the content owner. We will remove the same without warning. Repeat violations may result in account closure.


If you believe your copyrights have been violated, please let us know by writing to report@watstory.com.



Prohibited Content

The following types of content are not suitable for WatStory. This applies to all stories, images and media that you load. Any content in violation of these guidelines may be removed without warning.


  • No Hate Speech: Do not post content which spreads hatred against anyone on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation
  • No Bullying: Do not post content intended to intimidate or harass other users. We seek to create a mutually encouraging environment, treat others as you want to be treated
  • No Pornography: Do not post any content (story, image or media) which is explicit in nature or displays nudity and sexual activity
  • No Self Harm: Do not post content which promotes suicide, self inflicted injuries, anorexia or eating disorders
  • No Harm to Minors: Do not post any content which describes sexually suggestive material related to minors
  • No Piracy: Do not post any pirated or plagiarized content on WatStory. Seek legal consent from content owners before posting copyrighted material. Please be aware posting pirated or plagiarized material is an offence punishable by law
  • No Violation of Privacy: Do not post any content that reveals personally identifiable information like address, and personal pictures and other media
  • No Illegal Activities: Do not post content which promotes or solicits illegal behaviour

Content Tags

Please tag your stories to make it easier for the readers to search for them and to know what the story is about. The tag could describe the story genre such as fantasy, mystery or satire. It could also describe other important aspects of the story which would draw the interest of the readers.


You will find that reading this page in conjunction the

WatStory Community Guidelines will lead to a better understanding of the WatStory community.


In case you need to report content or user activity which violates the content guidelines, please use the report button on the page or mail us at report@watstory.com.


We are always eager to improve the WatStory experience, please send us your feedback feedback@watstory.com.