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Help Center - Publications on WatStory

WatStory Aug 23, 2016

We recently started Publications on WatStory and the Publication Listing can be accessed right on the home page here


We currently have the below Publications on WatStory; We will add more as we go along


What are Publications on WatStory?

Publications are collection of content which is tied together by a common theme or concept. Multiple people can provide stories to a Publication acting as Publication Contributors. The concept is analogous to magazines in the physical world with a Publication Owner and Publication Contributors.


Why Publications? 

We introduced Publications on WatStory to make it easier for you to find the kind of content you like in more organized spaces. You can use the search function, the site tags, browse the listings or view individual creators’ stories as before to find the content you like. 


How to Use Publications?

If you think what you have created is in line with the content of the Publications as per the Publication Description, you can go the specific Publication page and add your content there.

  • Use “Add Story” button on the top bar of specific Publication View page (this will open a drop down list of your stories) and select your desired story to Add to the Publication by clicking on the story in the drop down menu
  • You can always remove your story which you added to a Publication by going to your “My Stories and Draft” Page and clicking on “Remove” button to Remove story from its existing publication. The “Remove” button looks like a “Minus” sign and is next to the “Delete” button. Removing story from publication does not delete the story
  • The Publication owner can choose to "Feature" your story in the Publication to provide it better visibility or "Remove" it from the Publication. They can not edit your story in any way though
  • You can "Follow" Publications you like to be notified whenever more content is added to them  


What’s Ahead for Publications?

Publications are currently in beta and will be opened for wider use in near future. 

  • As of now the publications are “Open” in nature as in everyone can add their stories to the publications
  • Later we will also offer functionality for “Private” publications wherein only a designated set of writers can contribute and Add their stories to the publication
  • All publications will always be available for people to Read, Follow, Share or Engage with irrespective whether they are “Open” or “Private”
  • We will roll out the functionality for all of you to create both "Open" and "Private" publications soon


In the interim if you feel WatStory Publications is something which you will find useful to "Create" and "Publish" content around a specific theme, drop us a note at support@watstory.com

providing (Name, Description, Tags, Logo, Cover Picture for the proposed publication) and we will look to create a publication for the specific use. Additionally, Publications will be only Open for now and allow everyone to contribute.