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The Why of WatStory

Varun Chawla Feb 10, 2016

As we are building the WatStory community we often talk to people about the platform and how we can make it better, so it was just a matter of time that someone asked us, "Give me three reasons why I should use WatStory."  


Why WatStory exists and the reasons why someone should become part of this platform, somehow always made sense in our heads, perhaps they make sense here on the screen too. In no particular order and totally disregarding the request for three reasons, after all three is such a small number and we aim higher, here is why WatStory exists - 


1. As we write ourselves, we realize even writing 500 words of original content is hard. A community provides encouragement to continue writing, feedback to improve, platform to test ideas and support to grow readership


2. Having gone through 4000+ blogs on major blogging and writing platforms, we find most people's writing has no comments or engagement. On WatStory everything people create lands on the Home page's "Latest" listing and is always read


3. Even the largest writing platforms have no to minimal support for Indian languages. WatStory is truly multilingual and is built to create across languages. It will be extended to support more Indian and global languages to reflect our growing community


4. Writing is an immersive activity and distractions should be as little as possible. Hence no ads on WatStory and focus on minimal design


5. WatStory as a platform has no restrictions or editorial control, after all creativity should not have artificial bounds


6. Unlike a social media post, what you write has lasting value for you and is valuable to people who read your content. Perhaps, you wish to collect your writings and publish them as a book later on, we understand it and hence will always maintain the policy "What you create is your copyright"


7. Building a personal writing brand is hard particularly if you are not writing in some very specific market defined niches, more so if you write in non-English languages. WatStory, brings together people of common interest who can spread the word for each other's creation and help you build a following


8. The only way to improve is to write more often. We, have observed how people on WatStory are writing longer, more often and even experimenting with writing in other languages compared to when they first started. Moreover, we see people here who have never met in real life engage with and enjoy each other's writing


9. There is dearth of quality content in lndian languages. Wikipedia, for example, has more articles in Estonian than say articles in Hindi or Bengali. A lot of widely read content in Indian languages like stories of Tagore was created decades ago. WatStory provides people a platform to create content which will be the focus of the next generation of non-English readers


These are just a few reasons as to why WatStory exists. The focus continues to make it an even longer list, though secretly we hope you like WatStory enough that such reasons are redundant.