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m0uSë Aug 26, 20153 Responses

Do you really think you can survive this game? I'm the ringmaster and I'll erase your entire existence. Manipulation, eh? Well, guess what I can make you dance on my finger tips. Are you ready for this? You're shaking... Afraid baby? Don't be. I'm a mere projection of what you could be. I'm dirt, the filth, lurking inside you. You wanna escape right? But honey, "escape" is just another word. I wonder how a putrefied mind tastes like....I wonder...I wonder... Want a candy? Want a bottle of cyanide? The choice is yours. Look at you, little girl.... You're a walking disaster, destroying everything you come across. You like destruction, don't you? Love, kindness, sympathy....You don't swing that way. Play or pay, it's your choice...


One, two, three, four, five, six,

I'm the one who tricks or treats!

  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    What's for Halloween this year?

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  • Priyal-Gagan
    Priyal Gagan