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Exile's Return

Vinay Vasan Badri Aug 19, 20154 Responses

They say that there is no wait more unbearable than the last few moments of an unbearable wait. And it certainly was true. Long had she waited, countless days, countless nights, praying to all gods, silently weeping and pleading to forces, seen and unseen, to keep her son safe. The time to end all of that was near and yet it wouldn't come fast enough.


It was more than she could bear. The enforced separation, the loss of her husband, the pity and sympathy in the eyes of all those she came in contact with, the guilty look in her step son’s eyes though in reality he was in no way responsible for the situation. She bore no hate. She was wise enough to acknowledge that the fates were cruel and nothing happened without a reason. And that everything was preordained and written in the book of fate. And that the fates would have their victim, one way or the other, it was just the tool that varied.


She had to admit that despite the passing away of her husband, she was very well treated. No decision was taken unless she approved and she was treated as the de facto ruler . Still she wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice it all to spend one moment with her son. As she spent her sleepless night tossing and turning, she could hear a commotion in the distance, which was growing louder every minute. Controlling the hope that had burst anew in her, she waited for the guard to bring news to her. Abandoning all protocol, her guard burst into her room and all it took was one look.


Kausalya smiled. Rama had returned.

  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    I did not see the ending coming. Really nice story, Vinay

  • Nazreen-Mohamed
    Nazreen Mohamed

    Happy Diwali! :)

  • BizarroMan

    I really liked how you build this up to the "surprise" ending.

  • lizvalentine04112002001465058142
    Eliza Valentine

    It kinda had a Rama feel for me from the beginning. But really nice work nevertheless. :)