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Sriman Banerjee Aug 12, 20155 Responses

It hollows out here

At the end of time ...



But as the rainclouds gather

And through the cold rock crevices 

Drops of water seep through

To moisten the floor,

The paintings all come to life!

And you can see for yourself

The fear these men felt

The awe....


In an unknown world

Surrounded by thunder and lightening

And wild beasts

Of a younger and more lavish earth.


Did they paint to tame their fears?

It is possible.


But see also their clamour and their hustle

Measuring out life by the spoils of hunt:

A bison fell,

A horse captured,

A wild boar speared...

And the appetizing call of roasted flesh...

That would have been their god

A bison Or a wild boar

At once threats and food...


Killing and getting killed

It all squares out here

At the beginning of time.

  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    Sriman, this one is nice. A lot of myths that we follow are grounded in mankind's and its ancestors incomprehension of natural phenomenon. When you are unable to explain rain, thunder, lighting, drought, famine, fire and floods you create your own explanations which may or may not be grounded in facts. You worship nature, you create the divine, you create temples and Stonehenges,you offer human and animal sacrifices, you practice self flagellation and you create epic poems. All these make perfect profound sense in your present, your mind and your perceived reality. But, these partial, half truths and lies lay the ground work for the future generations to refute, accept, experiment and endure as it  tries to understand and justify its own realities 

  • Sriman-Banerjee
    Sriman Banerjee

    I was struck by the painting you see above this poem. A huge bison is bulldozing a tiny cave man. Now, these people also killed bisons for food. How strange is that? Being killed by the same animal that you hunt for food? Modern man knows nothing of this feeling, I'm sure. Just think what we would feel if tomorrow you hear that a goat has hunted a man down!!!!

  • Varun
    Varun Chawla

    A goat hunting a man down will be a strange and unprecedented  incident indeed. Based on my comic and cocooned world view, I think it might play out like this. The hunted man will suffer momentary or somewhat longer pain based on the strength and aggression of the said goat. For the goat, the story has just begun. It will be paraded on every news channel globally as a notorious representative of declining moral standards amongst animals. It will be asked personal questions about its age, gender etc. which will be highlighted along with its wanton character in every newspaper. The new age media companies will create a mime like "Angry Goat" and this will go viral on the social media. Some gaming company will create an addictive game which I will download till it hogs my smartphone memory and gets deleted.

    *I hereby confirm, that no goats or humans were harmed in the creation of this comment

  • Priyal-Gagan
    Priyal Gagan

    I can't get enough of this beautifully woven tale. Effortless storytelling <3</p>

    starts at the end of time

    ends at the beginning of time. Aah!

    yes, I paint to tame my fear ~

  • Sriman-Banerjee
    Sriman Banerjee

    Thanks.... geeeee :)