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Unfounded Uncalled

Sharang Deo May 22, 20182 Responses




As date of joining approaches, people usually Get worried about how they would spend their time without their beloved. On other hand, I was worried about buying branded clothes at cheaper prices. For the very first time my parents had given me free reins to buy clothes. I was very excited. I was the mollycoddled one, who was always accompanied for shopping. Before joining, I had done one thing- browse e-commerce. I would get up, open all e-commerce sites- few on laptop and few on apps and check if the prices of Wishlist has gone down or not. Because I had two aims: first to buy stuff at cheaper price and second, show my traditionalist father that things could be bought online at cheaper price if you search and wait. This went on and became chore which I used to perform whole heartedly. Finally, the day of parting off dawned and I left my nest with bags full of brands- few renowned and few I thought they would be.



Toe to head we drape

Brands and fake smiles we make.



          I arrived, heard a brouhaha and mistaken dude’s bro-bro for dog’s bho-bho. As days passed by, the feeling that I had got into a wrong place, got stronger and stronger. The way people were uttering hinglish, using cool slang and getting friendly, I found myself odd one out. I had got into an outlandish place, I always maintained distance from. All of sudden, Place I aspired to get in has suddenly changed into a place, I shouldn’t have got in. And I was becoming the one who had none to talk in party thronged. But will to sustain pushed to move from sideline to in-line.



Bhaiya was bro

and, girls were view

they were spuriously awesome

didn’t have a cue.



Initially, I was hesitant to talk to people as I was in so much awe. Bro’s were already awesome and engineering had taken enough toll to contain me from girls. But with the time, I tried to ease in. I was the guy who wouldn’t even bring his hand forth to shake hands, have learned to hug. And, most importantly have learned to talk. Though the accent and style didn’t change, parochial mindset got broadened.



(bs yahi hi he…………….)

A girl comes & talks for a while

Have already dreamt

her walking down an aisle.



As you proceed, surprise always awaits you. I never expected that surprise would be so big. After two months of acquaintance, I got hit by ‘Family’ and was roped in its extension scripted and (“is being” would be more appropriate) played by full-time players and me-ad hoc. We started with needless selfies, shackling chai, lunch and dinner and abstruse laughter-eliciting-wooing jokes. Everything was going well, but innate back-biting and different objectives created the turmoil. One was there to woo a girl, sorry two…...umm three? One looking for a similar one, one was innocent, one was there to talk, talk and talk, and fake were many. As each one tried to pull it to their direction, the family juggernaut which was moving swiftly, started to wobble. Turbulence had already been simmering, suddenly the purpose for which it was aggregated and nurtured got achieved. As the project completed, people got much-needed impetus and started to leave. Few joined new projects, few started partnerships and few continued with the old projects.


I got to see a host of new things but the most awesome was- mother-daughter relationships. The only relationship that is considered pure was deliberately faked and delivered on demand like 2 min. Maggie. I was in awe seeing girls labeling her mate as her mother, ‘status’ing it off, pampering her with gifts about whom she was bitching last night. Chameleon would fall short if they take part in a color-changing event.


Bitch she is

And f****r too

But, I need a favor?

Let’s make her mom

A letter and A chocolate would do.



I have never been in a relationship but whatever notions I had. This place belied all of them and new hypothesis saw its rise which says there is nothing like a GF and a BF. It starts with a girl and a boy. They roam around, spend time together but one day the girl gets sick with the boy. And next day game changes, again the girl roams around but the boy- turns into ‘a boy’ and starts looking for a constant to fill in. Decoupling and coupling is a constant process, happens often, but the frequency is a bit higher here.



          This place homes a different world. Rules that are applicable in the outer world, lose their value once they are in Lavale. You would get tantalized to see normal, the people here are usually either over or hyper. The best thing you can do here is Ignore because better you ignore, better you would be. And never be a good guy because jitna uska katata hai, utna kisi ka ni katata.



Close friends bitched,

odd ones getting hitched

but you stay put

& don’t give a hoot.






  • WatStory

    Interesting take on college life. What is the significance of the title?

  • Sharang-Deo
    Sharang Deo

    It is basically about pretence of upper-class youth and how they act as a chameleon from the perspective of a small-city-middle-class.