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Sharang Deo May 22, 2018


A for there, contenders were many

But one stands out, belittling many

The name I know, the name u know

If give you mention,

Few would chatter, and few would be in awe.


B in my life didn't cross much

Lucky u got rid of much-intended fun.


After 2, saunters in C

Savour as chana or devour as cherry.


D showed the world of aristocracy,

E-commerce, cricket, but Fluid ne le li.


With E it all comes flooding back

TATA, Rani, rum balls and birthday cards she makes.


M has always belonged to the ‘King’.

Even when he smoked, Now even when he carries ‘Khaini’.


Wih S, sharang embarks on to G

For me to be 777, it is the key..

Relations to me it brings,

Papa, Tai, best friend n many.

Importance of it doesn't end there,

Hey! Fatty, why are you very dear?


G is party to gappu-guwalani

One cries on sullu,

N dusri ne meri pant faadi.


For N, there is one woman standing

Carries my initials in her names ending

Would’ve ignored, if she was other

Automatically gets picked, I call her mother.


P beguiles n wages a purWar

Sweetu eyes on kehta ka pyaar


R comes directly from DAV darla….

Chakke khalle, pan to naahi haarla


U have the maturity to the core

Brandishes finger-now Liquor no more.