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Ignorance is sleep.

Sharang Deo May 22, 20182 Responses



Some people are elated and thanking intangible, unseen God for conferring so much on them and at the same time in their neighborhood people have gathered and trying to soothe a bereaved family who is cursing same invisible entity for taking away their beloved. That's how life is- showering petals on someone in a place and poking someone with a spear in another place. You expect something and life presents you with anything but something.

She and you went out for dinner and while returning, you sat in different seats. You get to your port of call, you get off and saunter along with other friends who had been party to your dinner. You walk slowly so that the lady can join you but when you turn back, you don’t find her. Your eyes start looking for her and finally, you spot her on another route, hugging a boy and moving away with him. You get disheartened and the panorama of her hugging other guy gets embossed on your heart. Post that only thing your mind and heart process is a panorama of her hugging someone else. You are disturbed, you wanted to see her strolling along but life happened. She went off. You are the strong guy, who don’t share things and try to subside turbulence within all by yourself. Nobody gets to know that you are burning and soon the strong, bold, soothing and stabilizing inner voice, which has made you inert, indifferent and resilient over the year, comes,’ I don’t give a f**k’-that’s what people expect you to do and that’s what you do. You oblige to yourself and once again slip into slumber, boxing the plot in the ignorance zone of your maturity.


  • WatStory

    Well written. This is the most interesting of your posts so far. Love the last line a lot.

  • Sharang-Deo
    Sharang Deo

    Thank you WatStory.