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Eliza Valentine Apr 6, 20183 Responses



Do this

Do that

I know you

So you say



What do you know?


What do you know?


My favourite colour

My favourite food

My favourite book

My favourite room


What more do you know?


Mother dearest

Let me tell you

Over the years

I have changed

And you are yet to decipher

This new me

And I am sad

That you do not care



The long haired

Bright eyed

Salwar wearing girl

Is but a vision of your aspirations


I am an independent being, mother

I am not you

And I can't live for you

You do not 'know' me



Do you know the raging storm

behind the perfect smile

Or the quivering hands

That hold the prayer book

The discreet eyes checking out

Not boys but girls

Or the me yearning for

A wardrobe of shirts and jeans

Instead of salwars and gowns.



These secrets are killing me

Because if you can’t handle

My need for a haircut

Or a different get up

How can you accept my

Atheistic tendencies

And homosexuality.



People call me brave

For being the first

To jump into a situation

Or not being afraid

Of our scary maths professor


But Mother

I am a coward

And that is the truth

I am a coward

Who can’t even open a door

And come out.


  • WatStory

    This is beautifully written. The struggle of hiding and not being able to be who you are must get overwhelming and is really hard to imagine.

  • lizvalentine04112002001465058142
    Eliza Valentine

    @Watstory Thanks a lot. It is overwhelming and I don't know when I will break but I will survive. This is the first poem I have written so I am glad to get positive feedback, means a lot.

  • WatStory

    It's really great for a first poem. Keep at it.