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  • How Puerto Rico became the ultimate adventure destination

    Most of us get excited  when we make plans to travel, but whenever we plan to go somewhere too far,  most of the time, our plans get frustrated by debts, responsibilities and routine. Every morning, I always thought if those beautiful places I was picturing in my mind where re...

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  • Pneuma

    Superficial clouds of judgement has overshadowed our true spirit of embracing nature, in modern times. Evolution has diverted our state of mind into various institutionalised fragments, which we tend to succumb to. We are born with a powerful consciousness, which we are supposed to naturally chan...

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  • Why do you do, What you do?

    Have you ever wondered, Why people do what they do- Like, some people write stories that others read, some play a sport that others watch, some build a product that makes others life easier and everything else amazing that is going from earth to space?     When I introspected on ...

    Tags: Travel Love Romance Life

  • Encounters

    She stood by her bedroom window as she smoked her pipe. She was deep in her thoughts as her eyes followed the disappearing grey in the light. She thought it would take a shape like it is supposed to, but it never did. Like everything else she wanted in life. She inhales deeply and marvels at the ...

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  • Travel Story Contest - Results are out

    The Winners for WatStory Travel Contest are as under -   1st Prize - Summer Tales from a Vietnamese Sandwich Shop   2nd Prize - Off guard near The Gate!   3rd Prize - The Meaning of Money   Check out all entries and other travel stories at WatStory ...

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  • WatStory Traveller

    Real, fun, quirky travel stories

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  • Chennai Sketches - Guindy #1

      In the sordid depths of Chennai exists Guindy, a veritable cesspool of human filth, with its constituent members perpetually trying to escape and infect other locales, sanctified by poojas and Poojas.   And on this toilet seat of the human race, exists another waste of space, the d...

    Tags: Story Humor Travel Storyville

  • Shaken Stirred

      Dealing with extreme cold, in the most primitive of conditions not even imaginable to us today the Neanderthal man, who existed in The Ice Age, would never have fathomed the comforts of the modern world. Existing in cold limestones caves, against our ultra fancy mansions, using bl...

    Tags: Uttarakhand Travel Adventure Reality Life

  • The Wild Journey

    “I am a part of all that I have met;  Yet all experience is an arch wherethro'  Gleams that untravell'd world whose margin fades  For ever and forever when I move.  How dull it is to pause, to make an end,  To rust unburnish'd, not to shine in use!” &nbs...

    Tags: Orissa Life Fate Travel

  • The Smoking Mountains of El Chalten

    Even while I was making my initial plans for a trip to Argentina, El Chalten intrigued me as a destination. From being just a small settlement created by Argentina in 1980s to secure the area due to border concerns with Chile, it has since become a favored destination for hikers and nature love...

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