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  • Lady with Blue Scarf

        It was a pleasant evening with light rain after a hot week.  It  was a  weekly  off for me, so me  and my wife Sheela  went for some shopping and after that, we planned to take Metro from Nehru Place to Badarpur. We were walking towards Metro station...

    Tags: Thriller suspense sad relationship

  • My Ex Girlfriend

    A loud voice of alarm bell waked me up. I saw the wall clock, it was 3 AM. I heard my wife's voice, ‘Wake up! Or you will be late.' She was in the kitchen. I asked her, ‘Sonia! When did you wake up? And what are you doing in the kitchen at midnight?' She came to the bedroom...

    Tags: love drama short story suspense fiction

  • Triggered Love

    Enter picture caption here Chapter l   Theo’s pov…   Midnight struck as I held onto my father’s hand. We walked down the streets as the many lights slowly shut off. It was extremely late; the movie took a while more than we had expected. I held on tightly...

    Tags: romance action thriller suspense

  • Offline

    "Its not gonna happen I swear!"-"Yeah okay, that's what you think but what if they find out about the crack?""They wont! I've hidden it under their Auth servers."-"You do realize that if they find this they'll be at your house in minutes!!""Like I said, they wont find out so just stop"-"Okay I'm ...

    Tags: eerie scary horror creepy suspense suspenseful moody dark

  • The Third Wheel

    Like weeds grow untended, Shruti's instincts had grown to distinct convictions. Especially after Sarthak’s unexpected entry into her and Karan’s honeymoon suite last month. Although he had always turned up to help whenever she was overwhelmed, it had never occurred to her before, that...

    Tags: love suspense infidelity story tangle triangle

  • The Hollow And The Saint

                   Hollow. A word I’ve tried to define so many times, but could not find the answer. You think hollow means blank and emptiness. If what you are saying is true, then how come this hollow point bullet that I have fired from my Glock pis...

    Tags: Mystery Drama Thriller Romance Dementia Tragedy Suspense Assassin