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  • Bring Me The Horizon

    He downed the last shot of Everclear with ease. The pills had already started working. Fifty was all it took to make him numb. Fifty more... Just fifty more....   Tell me, what would happen after he was gone? Would anyone notice? Would the world just stop for others as they say? Would his ...

    Tags: horizon death suicide abuse

  • Girlfriend - Prologue

    The faces of the laughing crowd flashed before her eyes. All the humiliation, pain, despondency came back to her like a tornado about to wreck her sanity. It was too much. She could not take it anymore. She contemplated on what to do. Steeling herself, she went to her mom.   “Ma...

    Tags: story novel suicide

  • *goodbye*

    I can't remember the last time I had done this. So, there I was, standing at the top of the mountain. Wondering, what could possibly go wrong? Then Jack yelled from behind me "Hey! You gonna jump or not?!" I replied with "Shut up jerk!" Then I took one step closer to the edge of this 750 ft. ta...

    Tags: suicide death why!??!!! why not fair at all how could this happen sadness depression

  • Poison

    You are the poison that has no anti-dote.No way to escape the damage you do.Not a single way out of the burning hell you bring.You thought you could just bite.Bite. Then eject your poison right into me.But no, I am the anti-dote.I am the resistance.At least, I thought I was.Until, you pushed me t...

    Tags: death suicide hell help me not fair at all depression depressing

  • Running out of time.

    She was working hard at her study, and like any other human being, thought of taking a break. She got off her hard, cold, uncomfortable steel chair and walked to her living room. She switched on the air cooler and plopped on her soft and fluffy sofa in a way that resembled the motion of a sack of...

    Tags: Story Thoughts Identity Insanity Death Suicide

  • My Romantic Suicide

      O Mother, O Father, O Sister Goodbye… I hope that you don’t see me cry These tears of blood That come pouring like flood I hope they are set aside, When I’m in the arms of my romantic suicide.   Oh you wish I had asked for help But who was listening when ...

    Tags: Depression Despair Hopelessness Suicide