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  • My Ex Girlfriend

    A loud voice of alarm bell waked me up. I saw the wall clock, it was 3 AM. I heard my wife's voice, ‘Wake up! Or you will be late.' She was in the kitchen. I asked her, ‘Sonia! When did you wake up? And what are you doing in the kitchen at midnight?' She came to the bedroom...

    Tags: love drama short story suspense fiction

  • The Choice

        7:30 pm The alarm goes off on her desk, waking her up from another sleepless slumber. She gets up groggily, her mind is full of decisions and uncertainties. Slowly, she starts getting ready, careful not to wake anyone else up. No morning sickness this time. “Good”,...

    Tags: short story choice abortion love decision

  • The Empire's Lie - A Short Story

    Parckow, Rostnov, New Russian Empire - July, 17, 2394   The primitive bullets whizzed past, centimetres from my head. But it didn't matter. It didn't even matter if one of the bullets hit me. I, Evolo de Hopkin, was fighting for the mighty Falkinian Empire, and that was a worthy cause. We ...

    Tags: empire lie futuristic war warfare battle short story fight fighting escape escaping future die death sad drama family love empires

  • Microtales

    He raped and mutilated her in order to hide his crimeLittle did he knew that she would do the same to ruin his chime.Forever.........   She laughed and laughed till it got closer.Bound my life within its closure.Till it stood at its departure.    "I can write tales in blo...

    Tags: microtale horror_tale short forever laugh blood

  • News Channel

      Gagan had joined the news channel and that was his first day in office. Gagan was in the office of the channel owner. Gagan - Sir, today is the first day in the office please give me some task which can let me learn. Owner thought for a moment and said- I hope you know how to take ph...

    Tags: Humor Reality Short Story