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  • The Ghost of Frida Kahlo

    The walls converge upon her self-portrait – From the emptiness she stares with broken eyes Her death bed is her honeymoon Burning into a decade of distant cries.   The tequila bottle lays dry – On the couch as I desperately make love The flamenco singers and the Mexican ch...

    Tags: Frida Kahlo ghost poetry Times self potrait self-potrait

  • You Who

    for what is in here, it can't be bought. you can get the essence, to enjoy it you must be free .   for what is in here, it can't be traded. you can experience the source, to reach it you ought to be pure.     for what is in here , it can't be claimed. you can feel the sp...

    Tags: love universe poetry existent self life feeling death freedom thoughts

  • My Closet

    I have a closet, Just like many others. Some keep theirs wide open With everything on display. Some keep theirs closed shut, Like they have something to hide. I like to keep mine locked, Covered with a nice white sheet. It's usually there, by the supplies; Nice, quiet and neat. Every no...

    Tags: Poetry Life Memories Content Happiness Self Thoughts

  • Who am I?

    Who am I exactly? The person who wakes up reluctantly at 7 o'clock Puts on the nicest ironed shirt Gets on the cab and goes to the office I smile at the familiar faces inside the elevator People I know, but I don't know what they are It's been such a long time since I pulled off that mask ...

    Tags: Poetry Self Awareness Discovery