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    As I sit here, contemplating what do I write, I look at the clock strike 2 in the morning. Sleep doesn’t come by, but it’s so painful staying awake and not think about you, when this wretched silence and the empty room only makes me wonder, if you ever miss me? Why can&rsqu...

    Tags: Heartbreak Love Pain

  • Pleasant Misery.

      Once again I sit by myself At the antique coffee table With two cups at the centre, Each asking for its fill.   Staring into the deep dark void, It's blaring out loud in the back of my head, Splashing colours all over town, The paper town that's in my head.   We're ble...

    Tags: Pain Sadness Heartbreak

  • The last picture

    An old man is lying on his bed at home. A bunch of medicines and syrups are kept on a table next to it. He is suffering from a terminal disease…the cancer. His body is weak and fragile. He is alone at home, his son is in office at his newly appointed job and daughter has gone to her colleg...

    Tags: Emotion Family Pain Love

  • Martin's Affairs

    It was difficult for Martin to get over his breakup with longtime girlfriend Rosy. He just couldn’t move on. Staying in bed all the time, eating junk and staring at night sky were the only tasks that his broken heart approved of.   He planted a rose in a pot near the window in his ro...

    Tags: Fiction Love Pain Death Comedy_In_Tragedy Fun_In_Funeral

  • Ointment

    I have seen you collecting dreams In the ointment can Next to your half-finished Marquez. You have seen me live In close embrace With the habit of scratching My fragile skin, Opening wounds, Reinfecting. I have felt the tips of your fingers Rubbing the dreams On my bruised b...

    Tags: collection dreams faith love corrosion resilience pain habits distance exit

  • Saudade

    Two architectured souls, Feral demons, Frozen in time, As eyes meet; Revived impeccable love, Of an immortal kingdom, Clouds of dreams, Winds of hope; An ardent pull, Stubborn as gravity; Tangled hearts, Tethered minds; Soaring memories, Searing pain; Overwhelming light, Overshadow...

    Tags: Lostlove pain chance

  • The Risk

    Prologue     September 17, 2017   I want to hate your existence. I want to hate those icy-blue eyes, your crooked-but-somewhat-comforting smile, your perfectly-established height, your defined muscular skin that's been kissed by the sun. I want to hate it all, but I can't. T...

    Tags: beautiful tragedy romance trust broken promises sacrifice pain chance hope

  • The Risk

      September 17, 2017   I didn't know it yet, but the events that would take place on this day would change the world as I knew it. We've only been talking about meeting in person on a few occasions. We texted each other throughout the day, like we have been doing for about a week o...

    Tags: beautiful tragedy romance love risk trust sacrifice pain chance hope