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  • Section 377, a Taboo: Protected By One, Criminalized By Other.

    India, though referred as a land of diverse culture and traditions, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Everyone boasts about the rich tradition and its preservation, but when it comes to delicate issues; And by issues I mean issues delicate as in relevance with society, false beliefs an...

    Tags: LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Equality

  • Mother

        Do this Do that I know you So you say   But What do you know? Mother What do you know?   My favourite colour My favourite food My favourite book My favourite room   What more do you know?   Mother dearest Let me tell you Over the years I...

    Tags: poem mother lgbt comingout

  • Hidden Torment

      A girl closed her bedroom door and turned off the lights. She laid under the covers as she tried to stay warm. Her pupils were dilated. Her hands were shaking as she held onto her blanket. Suddenly, a dark shadow figure leaned over her and began to whisper in her ear.   "The world wi...

    Tags: dark darkpast evil fallinginlove friends gay haunting horror inlove lgbt love romance scary shadows terrifying vampire vile witches wizards wolves