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  • HOPE

      Hope..a four letter word, which gives strength to fight the most difficult things in life. Even if there is a slightest hope ,you can conquer the problems no matter how hard the situation is, its a scientific fact that when you think positively,everything that happens is positive and a ...

    Tags: Life Hope Happiness Positivism Strength Fight Problems

  • Help from Beyond

    "NOT FRIENDS, NOT ENEMIES, JUST SOME STRANGERS WITH SOME MEMORIES " Dismayed. Utter shock. Worry. Tears trickles down their faces. Their last ride to catch up their dreams, was about to be crumpled.   Only if... Black or White, Phases of Life Anjum and Rehan failed to cat...

    Tags: Hope Strangers Life Memories

  • Diary of a wondering mind

      An honest note of confession before I begin on this escapade of words-Keep aside all the anticipation and expectations that have already formed a room in your mind, thanks to the fancy title...I can promise you that this record, scribbling or piece of shit might turn out to be something...

    Tags: blogspot hope diary shortstory tinytale

  • The Risk

    Prologue     September 17, 2017   I want to hate your existence. I want to hate those icy-blue eyes, your crooked-but-somewhat-comforting smile, your perfectly-established height, your defined muscular skin that's been kissed by the sun. I want to hate it all, but I can't. T...

    Tags: beautiful tragedy romance trust broken promises sacrifice pain chance hope

  • The Risk

      September 17, 2017   I didn't know it yet, but the events that would take place on this day would change the world as I knew it. We've only been talking about meeting in person on a few occasions. We texted each other throughout the day, like we have been doing for about a week o...

    Tags: beautiful tragedy romance love risk trust sacrifice pain chance hope