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  • Poems Of Neglected Feelings

    I'd rather sing you a song than get you the moon, I'm a funny person but letting go is just too soon; This feverish feeling of being nothing, When all I have is everything.                                   &...

    Tags: darkness feelings nihility


    As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, I can’t help but feel blue. More than usual, anyway. Being an open book, too “emo” for my own taste, I talk to those around me about my not-so-sudden change in mood and I feel myself get mildly annoyed as they proceed to tell me...

    Tags: misery company feelings mood

  • Feelings

    I really wonderHow feeling emotions is likeHow torrential bouts of tearsFlowing down your cheekIn the zenith of misery, feels likeHow being so damn blissful And breaking your bonesMust be likeI wonder how punching the wallsWhen you can't take it anymore Supposed to be likeHow sympathy a...

    Tags: Poetry Poem feelings

  • John - A Story Written For School

    This is my continuation of the beginning that my teacher gave me. The words in Italics were written by my teacher. The words that aren't in Italics were written by me.    John had the face of a wrinkled prune and his scowl made no secret of his contempt for the world. He walked down t...

    Tags: John school schoolwork puppy dog cute sad cliche prune wrinkled old man story emotions feelings

  • Feelings

    Dil ke dard ko chupana kitna mushkil hai Tut ke fir muskurana kitna mushkil hai, Kisi ke saath durr tak jao ... Fir laut kar akele aana kitna mushkil hai...!!

    Tags: Feelings Love Emotions