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  • Unfinished Rhymes

    You are an art and I'm just a mere being made of flesh and bones. I need you but we're toxic for each other. I wanted to be the one you needed, trust me I did. But I can't. I'm a self made destruction. I wanna be your savior but my own savior's gone. I dream of you every night. Just candy floss c...

    Tags: art dreams illusions

  • Counting Sheep

    When I was about 11 and had just beginning to question my existence, I had these dreams. Dreams which would make me lay in my bed antsy, wide awake, staring at the ceiling trying to figure out how I got trapped in this unabating whirlwind, day after day, night after night. Just drowning blissfull...

    Tags: sleep insomnia dreams sheep

  • Ointment

    I have seen you collecting dreams In the ointment can Next to your half-finished Marquez. You have seen me live In close embrace With the habit of scratching My fragile skin, Opening wounds, Reinfecting. I have felt the tips of your fingers Rubbing the dreams On my bruised b...

    Tags: collection dreams faith love corrosion resilience pain habits distance exit

  • Dreams

    My dreams are meaningless A psychotic cry for help Only a blank canvas Or sometimes White noise But she? She adds colors to my brain A frantic cry for healing My dreams are obsolete But Keleidoscopic with her in it.  

    Tags: dreams poetry

  • Waking Life

    Ayumu often wondered as to what possessed his parents to name him that of all things. Growing up in a suburb of San Diego, California he and his name seemed out of place. He frequently felt he was causing a grave pain to people by being who he was. Though people often felt embarrassed on pronounc...

    Tags: Dreams Reality Waking Story

  • Who Rules Your World?

    “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. He created rivers for water, forests for fruit. He created rains for rejuvenating both. Then he created life. God gave days to work and nights for life to rest. Then he gave them death and then re-birth. God was happy with his creation...

    Tags: Pretension Passion Dreams

  • Pluto

    Sapphire eyes, Looking up, To the clouds of chimera, Lined by threads of light, By the stars of reveries, Yet way below, Her roots in the dirt; Origin of an awe; Grown overtime, Tethered and tangled, Like a work of art; Pull them apart, And see the music box, Unravel clandestine stor...

    Tags: Dreams Freedom Soul Odd-one-out

  • Chasing the Butterfly

    And the little child runs, With his sapphire eyes, Bright as the moon, On the darkest skies of gloom, Towering hopes, Shone in his eyes, Amidst the withering leaves, Of an unsung note of dreams, He chased the butterfly, To feel it's virginal beauty, Withheld, In wings coloured, Colour...

    Tags: Newyear Hopes Dreams Determination