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  • Rat

    I was always the loner kid in school. You know, the "stereotypical" one who never "stereotypically" fit in. The shy one, the unsocial one, the weird one, blah blah blah. You get it. Not that I never tried to fit in. I did everything I could to be one of them. Bought the latest Video games, comic ...

    Tags: story void dark

  • Junkie

    ‘Wait! The ice is cracking. Ok, Tread slowly! Keep your feet light, remember where we are, the knife edge!! Do you see that emptiness down below?  That is a 13000 ft. vertical drop, folks!! I suppose nobody wants to see, what’s down the throat of the valley? Eh? Now be still, s...

    Tags: Adventure dark travel mountaineering

  • Twin islands

    Green and I had been friends since school. Writing our class XII exams that year, we had stumbled across each other, one day at class. We looked similar. Similar, in the most physical sense. Internally there were different stories. He always wanted to be a doctor. I had somehow managed to scrape ...

    Tags: Conversation dark passion

  • Offline

    "Its not gonna happen I swear!"-"Yeah okay, that's what you think but what if they find out about the crack?""They wont! I've hidden it under their Auth servers."-"You do realize that if they find this they'll be at your house in minutes!!""Like I said, they wont find out so just stop"-"Okay I'm ...

    Tags: eerie scary horror creepy suspense suspenseful moody dark

  • Hidden Torment

      A girl closed her bedroom door and turned off the lights. She laid under the covers as she tried to stay warm. Her pupils were dilated. Her hands were shaking as she held onto her blanket. Suddenly, a dark shadow figure leaned over her and began to whisper in her ear.   "The world wi...

    Tags: dark darkpast evil fallinginlove friends gay haunting horror inlove lgbt love romance scary shadows terrifying vampire vile witches wizards wolves

  • What is updog?

    I hate people. But I love dogs. So, I think dogs are the best people. When I look at my dog, (his name is Hoch Poch) I think to myself; - "Hoch-Poch is such a dumb fuck. Stupid as fuck! There's only two things in his life, food and sex." He is but extremely focused on those two things in his li...

    Tags: Updog Satire Dark