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  • To whom it may concern

    Don't make me write Please. I'll stare just stare at you. Touch me. Let me touch you. Whisper and perhaps, I'll understand.   No please don't make me write. You'll find a cold tip but you'll miss out the ever deranged cold cold bottom.   I'll call my friends you call yours We ...

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  • Introducing WatStory Mentorship Program

      Are you fond of writing?  Do you want to inspire the future of Indian writing as a mentor and grow your network? Do you wish to learn from professional writers and build your writing portfolio ?   Grab the opportunity to become a mentor/mentee in WatStory Mentorship Progra...

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  • Unsolicited advice to those who stumbled upon words as their catharsis

    1. Welcome. By now you know that you're incapable of expressing negative emotions, so you harbour them constructing an atom bomb but when it explodes you only end up maiming yourself. Your writing is just another testimony to that factoid.   2. Oh, you are going to write as if your whol...

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  • A Foreign Homeland - Capturing Indians Through A Diasporic Lens

    "When I first started writing I was not conscious that my subject was the Indian-American experience. What drew me to my craft was the desire to force the two worlds I occupied to mingle on the page as I was not brave enough, or mature enough, to allow in life." - Jhumpa Lahiri     ...

    Tags: Bengali Homeland Diaspora Writing

  • Lore Creation and Attention Shifting Exercise 5.273:

    The weather was turning pleasant, but remained warm.Speaking about investigators, there was once a man who had uncovered a mysterious cult. Yes, a cult. The members of the cult believed that there would be an angelic intervention.The beginning of every story has to appeal, and instead it solves m...

    Tags: Writing exercise

  • Blank Slate

    So there was the writing prompt again. It was inviting, tempting and yet intimidating. The same story again and again.   It offered all the opportunities akin to becoming a self proclaimed God, starting a religion or beginning a civilization. After all when you write a story you are God of...

    Tags: Writing Prompt Creation God

  • The Meaning of Money

      I remember vividly my first meal in Phnom Penh: a family's open kitchen, eggshell walls and red plastic chairs; the mother frying up bony chicken legs, fresh ginger and broths that smelled of cilantro; my first lok lak, a Cambodian specialty of chewy beef cubes in delectabl...

    Tags: Cambodia money literature books Asia poverty economy class tourism travel writing riel dollar Indochina

  • Solemn

    All my years were wasted in vain waiting for that one phone call that never came. I used to stare at the sky and be enchanted by the coruscanting stars which were painted against a charcoal-black canvas. And then suddenly the realization dawned upon me. I was the turpitude that destroyed lives. A...

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  • Writing

    Hello there reader.   It is most likely that you are a white male reading this. I can make assumptions about you. My ability to make assumptions. I  What I am makes me define what you are. What I write shows you how I am What I am changes what you think about me I am not sure if...

    Tags: meta writing