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  • Fireflies in the sky

    "So, where can I go to get a good view of the stars?" Siddharth asked Maria, the girl at the front desk of the hotel.   Maria thought for some time and added, "Why don't you take this tour? It is just 20,000."   "I will go to so many tours in the next few days; I don't care about go...

    Tags: Memories Escape Work Identity Story

  • Reflections on Work and the Joy of Work

    There is a kind of madness that in the absence of actual admiration from others imagines such incidents, and in this perverted manner seeks to gratify its megalomania. I don't know what it's called in psychiatry, some sort of delusion maybe, but I do know very well the various camouflages this di...

    Tags: Work Megalomania Excellence PursuitOfHappiness

  • MS Dhoni-The Dark Knight

    T20(Before 2007) was a format that was meant to be played in Australia and England. India never accepted this format but then something happened, something that nobody ever thought of. A young, energetic, infuriating and in control guy led a bunch of youngester to the first ever T20 World Cup vic...

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