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  • I wanted, They granted

    I wanted to speak my mind Though the thoughts were not one of their kind!   I wanted to pour my heart Though the feelings offered nothing new to emotional chart!   I wanted to see the whole world Though into a snail's shell had my brain curled!   I wanted to fly in the clo...

    Tags: untouchability women wishes poverty wishes

  • Reserved For Ladies....!

    "Women were not created to do what men can do... They were created to do what men cant. Out of all the hustle to prove yourself powerful... We forgot somewhere, we already are powerful and we don't need to show it.   I had a small heated discussion in my class the other day. Every day...

    Tags: women society reservations men stereotypical mentality male-dominated

  • WatStory Interviews

    Conversations about the personal and professional journeys of women who are at the forefront of life endeavours across work, society, culture, arts et al. Get inspired by learning about the obstacles these achievers faced, their successes and learnings.

    Tags: Interview Women Social Culture Art Corporate