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  • Slaughter House Ban: Decoding the Intention Behind it

    Slaughter houses and the entire meat industry in India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh (UP) had never witnessed such upheaval, since Yogi Adityanath assumed power. The crackdown on illegal slaughter houses by UP government, which was a part of their electoral manifesto, has caused wide spread...

    Tags: Meat Ban Slaughter Uttar Pradesh

  • Increasing hooliganism and vigilantism

    Nothing can be more deplorable for a democracy, than non-state actors acting supreme over the law. At least in a country like India, the world’s largest democracy where the “rule of law” remains predominant. The very nature of law, to deter and keep hooligans uncomfortable, is t...

    Tags: Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Lynching Hooliganism