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  • Cold Skin

    It was cold. Darkness and stillness intertwined their fingers. The icy wind cut through her tender skin. The mist was slowly closing in. Her body suddenly convulsed in horror as a figure slowly emerged behind her,keeping a peaceful distance. She felt her limbs paralyze. She could sense him,as if ...

    Tags: Story Nightmares Terror Empty Life Nights

  • India's 'Forgotten' War : The Maoist Movement

    Under the command of the Nawab who ruled with an iron fist, the princely state of Hyderabad inevitably provided conditions germane for an armed uprising of sorts. Thus, by 1946, the landless peasants rose in revolt against the Nawab under the aegis of the communist rebels in the Telangana region ...

    Tags: Maoism Tribals Naxalbari Terror