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  • Annoyed Android

    I was on my own way, through night and day. A never-ending quest.   I looked up to the west. They sold me products, which ain't artifacts,     Machines laugh at me now. So what? I took a vow. Not to feel, not to heal, not to kneel down.     Did you see a f...

    Tags: Technology Globalization song

  • Yumist Shuts Down In Bangalore : Food-Tech Challenge in India Continues

      Today morning someone in my network received this email from Yumist.   Hi ABCPQR,As much as it pains us to write this, we are halting our operations in Bangalore for now. The fact that it comes at a time when we are leaping forward in NCR doesn’t give us much peace. We've con...

    Tags: Food Technology FoodTech

  • Bionics - Engineering and Technology Inspired by Nature

    Man has always tried to mimic nature for example man used to wear the fur of slaughtered animals to keep himself warm. Even, Leonardo Da Vinci copied birds when he drew his famous sketches of flying machines almost 500 years ago. One may wonder, what’s the science behind this all?   ...

    Tags: Biotech Nature Engineering Technology

  • 10 Ways GPS Can Save Your Company Money

    GPS technology is an unsung hero of our modern digital times, a backbone on which many innovative applications have grown to rely on. With commercial GPS companies can navigate, track and locate more effectively. GPS has been quietly changing technological landscapes in businesses across dif...

    Tags: GPS Technology

  • Combination of Fashion and Technolgy

    All of the fashion enthusiasts will know that fashion moves in cycles. The bell bottoms which were a trend in 2000’s are outdated now. But loose jeans (boyfriend jeans) and bell bottoms (little revamped) are making a statement again. What is trending today may well be deemed outd...

    Tags: fashion technology fashtech fashioncycle combination