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  • A bad son

    Shamim Ali was 2nd of three children of his parents. He used to got old clothes, old books and even old toys to play which used by his elder brother (Rafiq Ali). By the time these used things goes to his younger brother (Sohail Ali) they become too much damaged and non-usable so he use...

    Tags: relationship drama social

  • What's Real and What's Virtual - Social Media Blurring Perceptions of Reality

    When I was an innocent eight year old, my parents gave me a project to make a scrapbook that depicted my childhood. I remember the satisfaction I derived after completing the activity. There was a sense of anxiety as well, though I am not sure I understood what anxiety was back then, to keep the ...

    Tags: Social Media Real Identity

  • Championing the cause of organ donation in India : In conversation with Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director- Mohan Foundation

    Pallavi has been in the development sector for over 20 years, working for a variety of organizations and causes. She started the Delhi-NCR office of MOHAN Foundation in the year 2011.   She brings to the sector her sensitivity and skills in relationship building and strategic communication...

    Tags: Organ-donation Interview Social NGO

  • WatStory Interviews

    Conversations about the personal and professional journeys of women who are at the forefront of life endeavours across work, society, culture, arts et al. Get inspired by learning about the obstacles these achievers faced, their successes and learnings.

    Tags: Interview Women Social Culture Art Corporate

  • The truth needs to be spoken

    It’s been 11 or maybe 12 years since then. Almost a decade!!!! I don’t remember the exact time period coz I was too young back then. I don’t know why I’m doing this, why I’m so hurt today but I want the truth to be spoken. The fear that didn’t let me speak of...

    Tags: Social unacceptance