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  • The Mountain and The Sea

    Part I   Between us, you were the mountain and I was the sea. I'd endlessly talk, hours on the end, pouring myself out, but never quite reaching you. At once, you'd respond with a nod or make a sound in the affirmative. I could never make out if you were really listening to me. You loved m...

    Tags: Desolation Estrangement Blues Story Love Separation


    Onto the slumber night He peered into the barren sky, Narked, heaving, torrid Muffled, naked, vexed; As His mind sifts back into the memories tormenting and freshly agonizing, Remembering the softness of Her coarse whispers which echoed in His now numb ears, Her allaying breathes and warm, ...

    Tags: Poem Love Separation Environmental

  • Fissure

    I held you close to me your forehead my forehead your nose my nose your mouth my mouth, only a thin line of light an interval between. Then it suddenly occurred to me how a fissure often becomes a continent of separation.

    Tags: poem separation grief