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  • The Rise and Fall of Big Curvy, a Road Pothole

    The Big Curvy was conceived on a seemingly uneventful and lazy day, with a scorching sun blazing overhead, in the middle of the tropical summers. It had its humble origins in the minds of Nikhil and Vijay, the big boned municipal contractors. They had been given the enviable task to build the roa...

    Tags: Humor Anthropomorphization Politics Satire Story

  • In Search of the Purple Squirrel

    The Trumpeter Swan, who had been the long standing mascot for the forest behind the blue hills, lost its mate prematurely due to extensive heckling by the other birds. The other birds were far too eager to know her preening secrets. This unfortunate incident persuaded the Swan to migrate to more ...

    Tags: Satire Humor Employment Recruiting Story

  • Online Saga - The Business of Cows

    Long time back in a village Dombalore, there lived a couple Vijay and Lakshmi. Milkmen by profession, they knew every trick in the book to milch the cows as much they could before selling them to the butchers.   By the way this was before the ban on beef.   Anyways, the couple inves...

    Tags: Satire Business Cow-Products

  • Corruption In The Heaven

    After NASA had discovered the existence of liquid water in the Mars, the parliament of the relocated heaven under the surface of the red planet, of the exiled Gods from the earth, started panicking. The board of the governors of the Heaven consisting of the God, the Yahweh, the Allah, L...

    Tags: Satire Fiction

  • Here goes a white hair

    It was barely a few millimeters long, yet it was unmistakable. Situated right below the lip, it shone innocently with a grayish white luster. Gautam stared at it in the mirror with his one open eye, the other eye still being lazy, refusing to wake up in an attempt to catch a few stolen winks. &n...

    Tags: Story Satire Humor

  • What's in a name?

    I was not named Ishmael, else I could have proclaimed to all and sundry on every opportunity I got, "Call me Ishmael". I was not named Gogol either after some Russian author. Yet, I feel like the character Nikhil in "The Namesake" but in a different sort of way. I mean, it is like m...

    Tags: Name Satire Humor

  • What is updog?

    I hate people. But I love dogs. So, I think dogs are the best people. When I look at my dog, (his name is Hoch Poch) I think to myself; - "Hoch-Poch is such a dumb fuck. Stupid as fuck! There's only two things in his life, food and sex." He is but extremely focused on those two things in his li...

    Tags: Updog Satire Dark