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  • Waking Life

    Ayumu often wondered as to what possessed his parents to name him that of all things. Growing up in a suburb of San Diego, California he and his name seemed out of place. He frequently felt he was causing a grave pain to people by being who he was. Though people often felt embarrassed on pronounc...

    Tags: Dreams Reality Waking Story

  • Shaken Stirred

      Dealing with extreme cold, in the most primitive of conditions not even imaginable to us today the Neanderthal man, who existed in The Ice Age, would never have fathomed the comforts of the modern world. Existing in cold limestones caves, against our ultra fancy mansions, using bl...

    Tags: Uttarakhand Travel Adventure Reality Life

  • News Channel

      Gagan had joined the news channel and that was his first day in office. Gagan was in the office of the channel owner. Gagan - Sir, today is the first day in the office please give me some task which can let me learn. Owner thought for a moment and said- I hope you know how to take ph...

    Tags: Humor Reality Short Story