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  • Indian Elections- The Unexpected Educator

    For the world’s largest democracy, elections are a year round fete.  While that does intermittently expose the populace to unsavory vitriol, we also get some telling insights into the voting patterns from each and every election. Be it the UP elections, where the country awoke to the B...

    Tags: india politics elections up bjp congress

  • The Rise and Fall of Big Curvy, a Road Pothole

    The Big Curvy was conceived on a seemingly uneventful and lazy day, with a scorching sun blazing overhead, in the middle of the tropical summers. It had its humble origins in the minds of Nikhil and Vijay, the big boned municipal contractors. They had been given the enviable task to build the roa...

    Tags: Humor Anthropomorphization Politics Satire Story

  • An open letter to JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar

    Dear Kanhaiya Kumar, Writing anything in English, in particular a letter , is a little difficult for me, since English is not my mother tongue. Having said that, I had to make it very clear in the salutation bit of this letter, that I do not address you as a comrade. This letter should reveal ...

    Tags: Politics JNUSU

  • Is a mere technological tool becoming hazardous?

    We are living in an age of the all-pervasive selfie. It is the most commonly used method of self-expression in our society. We have the front camera, we have the selfie stick, and most of us also have that ‘selfie special’ corner in our homes where we look ‘selfie-perfect!&rsquo...

    Tags: Selfie Politics Narcissism Death

  • How Manners Are Parked: Mocambo Table D'Hote

             Any manner has its cultural precepts inserted in a democratic province in pursuit of a bona - fide and rational socio-economic set-up. The plausibility to this effect shall remain adhered to its proposed intent and mostly strives to be tangible in its conveyanc...

    Tags: Society Manner Politics Thoughts Culture Colonial Hangover

  • It's India Going Synergistic, Not High-Handed: Manik Sarkar Should Review His Remark

         It is highly unsatisfactory for the honourable CM of Tripura Sri Manik Sarkar to reproach India’s south-Asian policy in a ‘business summit’ in Tripura in front of Joint Secretary MEA, Gov. of India and other foreign delegates which included representations fr...

    Tags: Politics India IndianPolitics ForeignPolicy

  • Living in a Paradox: Sino-Indian Relations

    Speaking on the sidelines of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization summits in Ufa in 2015, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the leaders of the two countries were committed to taking ‘India-China ties to new heights’. With Sino-Indian relations becoming m...

    Tags: India China Pakistan Border Politics