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  • For The Love of Art

    An eclectic look at the creative endeavours of life

    Tags: Art Music Photography Films

  • An encounter with a Big Cat.

    India is a land made up of almost every possible type of terrain, the countryside is thoroughly caked with picturesque landscapes, giving shelter to people and other creatures of nature alike. At the very heart of the Indian subcontinent, in the State of Madhya Pradesh, lies one of the country's ...

    Tags: Travel Wildlife Photography India Landscapes

  • Alluring Eyes

    Pale imperfect eyes, Capturing souls, Of everything in existence, Trapping shrouded emotions, Trapping unheard stories, Into bits of film, For the world beyond to feel, For the world beyond to percieve, To animate the inanimate, For suspiring souls, For reviving lives, All with the eye...

    Tags: Photography Beauty Photographer