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  • Who Rules Your World?

    “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. He created rivers for water, forests for fruit. He created rains for rejuvenating both. Then he created life. God gave days to work and nights for life to rest. Then he gave them death and then re-birth. God was happy with his creation...

    Tags: Pretension Passion Dreams

  • MS Dhoni-The Dark Knight

    T20(Before 2007) was a format that was meant to be played in Australia and England. India never accepted this format but then something happened, something that nobody ever thought of. A young, energetic, infuriating and in control guy led a bunch of youngester to the first ever T20 World Cup vic...

    Tags: Passion Work

  • Cool

    Why me? No, I don’t mean to say I’m unworthy. That’s pretty much the last thing I would say; more so, to someone like you. I have changed, yes. I only meant to remind you that we are different. Too different. I don’t see myself sitting with your friends and feeling like...

    Tags: cool difference passion games decisions bibliophile poetry self-love self-respect

  • Twin islands

    Green and I had been friends since school. Writing our class XII exams that year, we had stumbled across each other, one day at class. We looked similar. Similar, in the most physical sense. Internally there were different stories. He always wanted to be a doctor. I had somehow managed to scrape ...

    Tags: Conversation dark passion