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  • FNO Music Blog!

      ‘Friday Night Originals‘ or ‘FNO’, in short, is the first all-original independent music start-up from India. It is a platform that works for the upliftment of Original and Independent Music and its practices in India and beyond. Musicians, songwriters and ban...

    Tags: Music Independent Original Event

  • The Royal Mage

      The sound of pens scribbling on paper could be heard in the classroom as thirty students sat quietly working on the last test for their exams. A pale skinned woman with dark red hair that flowed down her back and bright hazel eyes that flicked around the class as she sat on her desk keepi...

    Tags: Fantasy Action Adventure Original Magic MaleLead Orphans School

  • The Royal Mage

    At dawn a few months later Rime found himself stepping out of a carriage, he had been travelling for the better part of a week in the stuffy carriage, packed in like sardines with strangers he had never met, so the ride was anything but comfortable. He gave the orange hew sky one glance before ...

    Tags: Fantasy Action Magic Adventure Original Orphans School