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  • Cold Skin

    It was cold. Darkness and stillness intertwined their fingers. The icy wind cut through her tender skin. The mist was slowly closing in. Her body suddenly convulsed in horror as a figure slowly emerged behind her,keeping a peaceful distance. She felt her limbs paralyze. She could sense him,as if ...

    Tags: Story Nightmares Terror Empty Life Nights

  • L.E.D's

    Shade panicked as he rushed out to the familiar open terrace of the high rise apartment he lived in. The Seattle skyline shimmied with thousand LED lights that lined the horizon,where the stars from the universe blended with the crooked outline of the glowing skyscrapers. For the first time in a ...

    Tags: life nightmares lights bliss story death insanity?

  • Pill

    And evertime I swallow a pill I'm reminded Of what holds me back In the shallow depths of the seas  It's hard to believe I'm still alive My poetry doesn't make sense Just like my life I can't fathom this silence The silence withing my head I've grown to be Someone from my childish ...

    Tags: poetry nightmares dreamscapes