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  • Through time a river flows

    Born as tiny droplets,   Dilly dallying from frozen icicles,      Brace together as a stream,       Mumble jumble tumble,          Cascade down incisive rocks,            With naivete and no control, &...

    Tags: River Journey Nature Poem

  • Salsa dancing on a silent symphony

    Moving up, Moving down, Sometimes with a thrash, sometimes surreptitiously without a sound, Intoxicated on a heady mix of gravity, You moodily oscillate atop stellar intensity.   The Earth, Moon and Sun fight, Who desires you more, who ignites your salty soul alight.   There is a silent s...

    Tags: Nature Poem Sea

  • The Mountains Are Calling

    You, The Mountains   You precipices of sheer rock, You violent ejections from the Mother Earth, You straight faced contortions, You proud beings of utter nakedness.   You coldly shed light and ice, You shrug gust or storm, You witness summer merge to summer, spring to spring, ...

    Tags: Nature Poetry

  • Mother Fu@#3r

    Mother, If you get angry, please don't shake your lap. The mountains crumble, and I find myself buried in debris. ~ Mother, If you cry, your tears flood my mood. The tide sweeps away my adobe, my family, my life as I knew. ~ Mother, In the autumn morning, when I wake up to see a ti...

    Tags: Poetry Nature Global-Warming

  • Bionics - Engineering and Technology Inspired by Nature

    Man has always tried to mimic nature for example man used to wear the fur of slaughtered animals to keep himself warm. Even, Leonardo Da Vinci copied birds when he drew his famous sketches of flying machines almost 500 years ago. One may wonder, what’s the science behind this all?   ...

    Tags: Biotech Nature Engineering Technology

  • She Tide

    By the Saint Pier she sat huddled, Like a small neck between the excited ocean and the fading distant land behind her. The waves rushing and thrashing with a deafening roar against the rough boulders Creating a Coriolis effect In the icy planetesimals Of her Neap-tide like mind. Her ...

    Tags: Poem Nature

  • The misty forests of Oudh: Dudhwa National Park

    Grasslands, swamps and haunting sal forests. Barasinghas, Indian rhinos and huge tigers. Mentioned in the Ramayanas. The setting for some iconic photos by Frederick Walter Champion, the pioneer of wildlife photography in India, and an inspiration for Jim Corbett taking up a camera.   Dudhw...

    Tags: Photography Nature Forest Dudhwa Wildlife Travel

  • The Big Banyan Tree

                                                  On the 26th of June, 2017, I visited the tourist attraction The Big Banyan Tree in Bangalore. I’m very happy to say that this was one of the most pleasant days in the recent times, filled with moments of fun and serendipity. Serendipity, I’l...

    Tags: Nature Holiday Bangalore Trees


    The lulling ensues and dusk closes in, Euphony serenading as the little fireflies hover on the paddy-field with their ever-bright glow. I sit on the mushy ground I call Paradise nestled by the spirited Silai, Sighing like a lover upon the beloved - the foreboding black sky Bestrewn with gli...

    Tags: poem nature life doublemeanings