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  • Hear The Music

    Radha was born, in the middle of October, in a sleepy town. She was a fairly healthy new born and did not cry much, apart from the first few days when a lot of infants do. Even her cries were like music to her parent's, who knew more than their fair share about music.   Radha's mother was ...

    Tags: Music Story Identity

  • Only Hope

      The car was speeding along the bypass. The shimmering black lake was running with me to my right. The punctuated lights of the fly-over cast somber shadows on the road below. A cold wind was whipping my face. I have seen my dream coming true a few hours ago and the adulation that came wit...

    Tags: WritersBlock Stranger Music Story

  • Naach Meri Jaan

          NOW   As the curtains rose, her heart accelerated. Centre-stage, she stood with her back arched and her hands stretched to the sky, as if in submission. The lights on the stage turned bright and the rhythm started to pulse into her. Her foot tapped to the steady b...

    Tags: Dance Freedom Liberty Revenge Music Rhythm Beat

  • For The Love of Art

    An eclectic look at the creative endeavours of life

    Tags: Art Music Photography Films

  • The Muse

    A dream away, A tranquil aura, Draped in night sky, Stood the Afflatus; Tresses like black waves, Crashing against, Her dusky shores, Her ebony earth, Cloaks a pristine pneuma; Branded skin, Shackled feet; Tortured eyes, Shimmer like moonbeam, Mirroring the Stars, Up her darkest sky...

    Tags: Love Smile Music

  • FNO Music Blog!

      ‘Friday Night Originals‘ or ‘FNO’, in short, is the first all-original independent music start-up from India. It is a platform that works for the upliftment of Original and Independent Music and its practices in India and beyond. Musicians, songwriters and ban...

    Tags: Music Independent Original Event

  • A love that change all...

    " Nandini..i'm sorry...i know mujhse galti hui hain...par uske liye itna bada saja mat do.." Manik crying pleadingly...   Nandini: Galti...bilkul v nahi..intentionally kia gaya vhul kabhi galti nahi hoti manik...kabhi v nahi...woh gunha hota hain...tumhe andaza v hain how much I was hurt.....

    Tags: Love music friendship romance breakup heartbreak jealousy envy forgiveness

  • Bacardi NH7 Weekender Express, Kolkata!

    Amrita Bhattacharjee || September 27, 2016   Many of us Kolkatans have been mourning about the fact that Steven Wilson isn’t coming here to perform in the City of Joy. While some have booked train and flight tickets to Shillong and Pune as soon as the line-up was announced, others, l...

    Tags: music festival independent kolkata nh7 weekender