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  • That Hero From The Slums

    Ashwin looked out of the tall windows that made the periphery of his 32nd floor office. He realized that he could catch glimpses of the Arabian Sea through the few vacant spots of the sky. The sea, itself, on close inspection seemed to be boiling under the hot Mumbai sun.   Wherever, Ashwi...

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  • Demonetizing the Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 Notes - Qualifying the "short" term pain

    The Government of India's decision to withdraw legal tender status for Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 Notes, has been called as a "bold move", a "surgical strike on black money" among other things by people as varied as Banking CEOs, Film Stars, Politicians and the Common Men and Women. RBI in the FAQ sect...

    Tags: India Demonetisation Black Money

  • Reliance Jio Money Bug- Quality Assurance and Usability Issues that come with big product launches

    Billions of Dollars have been spent by Reliance for setting up their new Jio telecom network, and on the other product launches such as Jio Money (Digital Payments Product). But, as is the case with big product launches minor bugs do creep in. When I tried using Jio Money for the first time, I ca...

    Tags: Reliance Jio Money Digital Payments

  • The Meaning of Money

      I remember vividly my first meal in Phnom Penh: a family's open kitchen, eggshell walls and red plastic chairs; the mother frying up bony chicken legs, fresh ginger and broths that smelled of cilantro; my first lok lak, a Cambodian specialty of chewy beef cubes in delectabl...

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