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  • My Own Kilimanjaro

    Vinay trembled in his fitful sleep. It was difficult to be comfortable in the 80cm by 40 cm seating space, which was his home for his ten hour journey from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. The plane was now cruising at 35000 ft and the artificially maintained cabin temperature was a little too cold to b...

    Tags: Responsibility Guilt Illness Identity Story

  • The Confessions of a Parkinson's Patient

    Hello!My name is Kate.Age 34.Living in one of the most popular cities of the world-NYC-where dreams come true,but unfortunately not for me.I've been suffering from the infamous Parkinson's disease for almost 8 years now.I was first rushed to the hospital after I threw a tantrum of not being able ...

    Tags: Story Illness Disease

  • Addiction

    I tried it for the first time today Felt exciting, felt exhilarating, Finally did something I'm not supposed to. It's not a big deal Everybody does it. I know I have a hard time letting go But I know, I can stop whenever I want.   I went out ...

    Tags: Poetry Escape Poem Thoughts Illness Drugs