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  • Fireflies in the sky

    "So, where can I go to get a good view of the stars?" Siddharth asked Maria, the girl at the front desk of the hotel.   Maria thought for some time and added, "Why don't you take this tour? It is just 20,000."   "I will go to so many tours in the next few days; I don't care about go...

    Tags: Memories Escape Work Identity Story

  • My Own Kilimanjaro

    Vinay trembled in his fitful sleep. It was difficult to be comfortable in the 80cm by 40 cm seating space, which was his home for his ten hour journey from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. The plane was now cruising at 35000 ft and the artificially maintained cabin temperature was a little too cold to b...

    Tags: Responsibility Guilt Illness Identity Story

  • Hear The Music

    Radha was born, in the middle of October, in a sleepy town. She was a fairly healthy new born and did not cry much, apart from the first few days when a lot of infants do. Even her cries were like music to her parent's, who knew more than their fair share about music.   Radha's mother was ...

    Tags: Music Story Identity

  • That Hero From The Slums

    Ashwin looked out of the tall windows that made the periphery of his 32nd floor office. He realized that he could catch glimpses of the Arabian Sea through the few vacant spots of the sky. The sea, itself, on close inspection seemed to be boiling under the hot Mumbai sun.   Wherever, Ashwi...

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  • Running out of time.

    She was working hard at her study, and like any other human being, thought of taking a break. She got off her hard, cold, uncomfortable steel chair and walked to her living room. She switched on the air cooler and plopped on her soft and fluffy sofa in a way that resembled the motion of a sack of...

    Tags: Story Thoughts Identity Insanity Death Suicide

  • The Feminist vs. The Equalist

    Feminist:"So.... I see you're an equalist."   Equalist:"Why yes, I am. How did you know?"   Feminist:"I read the 'hashtag' on your t-shirt."   Equalist:"Ah. And you must be a feminist."   Feminist:"What makes you think that?" &n...

    Tags: Feminism Identity MutualRespect Dialogue Humanity

  • What's Real and What's Virtual - Social Media Blurring Perceptions of Reality

    When I was an innocent eight year old, my parents gave me a project to make a scrapbook that depicted my childhood. I remember the satisfaction I derived after completing the activity. There was a sense of anxiety as well, though I am not sure I understood what anxiety was back then, to keep the ...

    Tags: Social Media Real Identity

  • Facades that are "Us"

    “There will be time, there will be time to prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet”                                 ...

    Tags: Role-playing Identity masked-selves