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  • Finding good cover art for your story

    Books are all so often judged by their covers. The Little Prince (cover art for this story, image credits:The Saint-Exupéry Estate), The Godfather with its cover art of a puppeteer pulling the “strings” and George Orwell’s 1984 with an all seeing eye on its cover easily c...

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  • Help Center - Frequently Asked Questions

    Accounts     How do I create an account? You can use your email id to register. We will send a verification email to the email address you specify before your account gets created. You can also create an account using any of your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. If you are not...

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  • Help Center - Publications on WatStory

    We recently started Publications on WatStory and the Publication Listing can be accessed right on the home page here.    We currently have the below Publications on WatStory; We will add more as we go along WatStory Traveller  (For Travel related stories)  Storyville&nbs...

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  • What's Wrong?

    His eyes looked like icebergs behind his glasses, cold and hard. “Don’t try imitating those English movies in this house,” he said, flinging her arm away and coolly walking out of the room. She stared after him with wide eyes, trembling as she cradled her left arm to her chest, ...

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  • WatStory Help Center

    Provides answers to FAQs, help information and lists of resources to make using WatStory easier. 

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  • Suicide

    You thought you had me. But you didn'tYou never noticed the damage you did to me.You never noticed how much you hurt me.You didn't care what I was feelingYou didn't want to know my emotions.You only wanted me for one thing.You only wanted me for my body.YOU didn't realize that it would come to th...

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  • Poison

    You are the poison that has no anti-dote.No way to escape the damage you do.Not a single way out of the burning hell you bring.You thought you could just bite.Bite. Then eject your poison right into me.But no, I am the anti-dote.I am the resistance.At least, I thought I was.Until, you pushed me t...

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