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  • Amen

    Oh! How unspeakably tired I am today! Like a senile river meandering along before it meets its end in the sea Almost lost, and half eaten by its own weight of sand and gravel and dust.   A hundred faces I meet everyday In the busy marketplace, the corner tea-stall, the office and the sh...

    Tags: Happiness Prayer Aging JoyOfLife

  • Loving YOURSELF !

    Acceptance is what we all seek in this world, and rejection is our biggest fear. We are affected so easily by the opinions of others that we forget being true to ourselves, being true to what we are.   Diversity is nature’s biggest forte, yet here we are sacrificing our uniqueness ...

    Tags: SelfLove Believe Happiness Optimism TreatYourself

  • My Closet

    I have a closet, Just like many others. Some keep theirs wide open With everything on display. Some keep theirs closed shut, Like they have something to hide. I like to keep mine locked, Covered with a nice white sheet. It's usually there, by the supplies; Nice, quiet and neat. Every no...

    Tags: Poetry Life Memories Content Happiness Self Thoughts

  • The anomalies of existence

    Had a bad/messed up day in office? Kill the boss, anyone? Friends acting funny? Or simply thinking hard why it all happened in the first place? Fret not! Seems like we've all been through the 'been-there-suffered-that' syndrome...which is what, as an after-thought, makes the experience all t...

    Tags: Happiness Existence Desire Purpose

  • HOPE

      Hope..a four letter word, which gives strength to fight the most difficult things in life. Even if there is a slightest hope ,you can conquer the problems no matter how hard the situation is, its a scientific fact that when you think positively,everything that happens is positive and a ...

    Tags: Life Hope Happiness Positivism Strength Fight Problems

  • Khushiyan

    khushiyon ko dhundne se gham milta hai   Yeh gham zindagi mae har dum milta hai, Aur dil ke saare gham baat le ...aise log zindagi mae bahut kamm milte hai... ... bagair dhoondhae sab milega , Tumhe pyaar behisaab milega.. Kaynaat puri ek din hogi,  Aur khushiyon ki sa...

    Tags: Happiness Love Time

  • The Eternal Delusion

    " ...it felt like being trapped on the bottom of lake..." ~J. H. Foster There has been a time in everyone's life when the pillow underneath the head and walls around heard more stories, seen more tears and felt possibly more pain than any living soul of the vast wold. There has been a time when ...

    Tags: Depression Happiness Delusion