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  • Corruption In The Heaven

    After NASA had discovered the existence of liquid water in the Mars, the parliament of the relocated heaven under the surface of the red planet, of the exiled Gods from the earth, started panicking. The board of the governors of the Heaven consisting of the God, the Yahweh, the Allah, L...

    Tags: Satire Fiction

  • The Wantrepreneurs

    Not taught in the B-school. Vivek kept flinching his fingers while waiting at the lounge. Few years ago, he used to bite his nails whenever he was anxious. Back in business school, he was advised not to bite his nails in between presenting slides, when he would stop speaking and wait for the nex...

    Tags: Story Fiction

  • The missing part of my life

        I am Sheena Saxena, 29 years old and belong to Lucknow. Many times I felt like something is missing in my life but I was not able to figure out what. It was a very exciting day for me as my dream had come true and I had been selected for a dance show in a leading Television Channe...

    Tags: Love Fiction Relationships Selfless

  • A common man's idea

        I am Rohit from Gurgaon. I am a middle class service man living with my wife and child. We were happily living so far, but sometimes it hurt whenever I saw people suffering due to poverty, lack of proper living support for poor. I know I was too small to make any change, but I tri...

    Tags: Story Life Thought Humanity Fiction

  • Storyville

    Short, engaging works of fiction 

    Tags: Stories Shorts Fiction

  • The Mystery Of The Mutilator

    On an island named ‘Isabella’ largely unknown to the world at the time (it was 1753) was home to approximately 2000 people who lived an idyllic and rural life. There had been a recent development of many large stone bridges to connect Isabella to a larger mainland. On the evening of t...

    Tags: Mystery Crime Fiction Murder

  • Martin's Affairs

    It was difficult for Martin to get over his breakup with longtime girlfriend Rosy. He just couldn’t move on. Staying in bed all the time, eating junk and staring at night sky were the only tasks that his broken heart approved of.   He planted a rose in a pot near the window in his ro...

    Tags: Fiction Love Pain Death Comedy_In_Tragedy Fun_In_Funeral

  • Wrong Yet Right

    |Chapter One: First Sight|    "You bitch!!" The man howled as he wiped off the blood trailing down from the side of his lips. "Tsk." George sneered. "It's always a bitch. You guys need to upgrade your vocabulary.”  She dusted the dust off her black jeans and tried to wipe a...

    Tags: Romance Fiction TeenFiction YoungAdult TeacherStudent Werewolf Vampire Love

  • My Ex Girlfriend

    A loud voice of alarm bell waked me up. I saw the wall clock, it was 3 AM. I heard my wife's voice, ‘Wake up! Or you will be late.' She was in the kitchen. I asked her, ‘Sonia! When did you wake up? And what are you doing in the kitchen at midnight?' She came to the bedroom...

    Tags: love drama short story suspense fiction

  • The Hearer

        Ed can't sleep though he desperately needs some. The radio clock shows 3:13. He looks through the window. The parking lot has a few cars, but no sign of the black Chevy pick-up he's looking for. He can swear that he heard the sound of a truck engine idling in the distance. And thi...

    Tags: science fiction